Snow Tires Billings MN
Snow Tires Billings MN

You’re looking at a $1,000 bill for new snow tires in Billings, MN and wondering how you’re going to afford to drive this winter. Try Tyre-Grip instead, and experience immediate tire grip on black ice and snowy roads. Tyre-Grip comes in a convenient 16oz can, providing 20 applications, or 80 tire sprays, per can. Compare the cost of new tires with a can or two of Tyre-Grip and you’ll see significant savings year after year. Aside from lasting a long time, Tyre-Grip offers the following benefits:

  • Approximately 50 miles of traction per application
  • Easy to use- just spray on
  • Takes only 3 minutes to provide traction
  • Fits easily in the glove box or under your seat
  • Improves tire traction by 300%
  • Tested & proven to work
  • Thousands of satisfied customers around the world

Do I Need New Snow Tires in Billings, MN?

If you can afford new tires, they will provide exceptional protection while driving in adverse weather during the winter months; unfortunately, not all drivers can afford the high cost of new tires every winter, or the expense of having winter tires put on at the beginning of winter and taken back off when spring arrives. There’s an easier solution that can help you traverse icy and snowy roads this coming winter- and it costs a lot less than you probably think. One can of Tyre-Grip traction can help you safely drive over all types of winter precipitation- even black ice. Just one 16oz can will spray all 4 of your vehicle’s tires on 20 separate occasions.

Will a Tire Spray Work on All Tires?

We can’t speak to the effectiveness of other products, but we can attest to how well Tyre-Grip works for driving on winter roads. We’ve asked an independent testing company to try out Tyre-Grip and report on their findings. The research provided by the Norwegian State Technological Institute more than sufficiently supports all of the claims made by our company, so you can use Tyre-Grip with full confidence that it will improve traction on snow and ice. Use Tyre-Grip on any tires for immediate protection while driving in the winter, but don’t take unnecessary chances. Our product is not a substitute for safe driving.

Liquid Snow Tires in Billings, MN

Some have called Tyre-Grip snow tires in a can; others call it their little secret for driving on black ice. Whatever you choose to call our product, make sure you have it on hand this winter to ensure you’re able to get home from work after a surprise snowfall or ice storm.

Your whole family will appreciate a gift of Tyre-Grip for their vehicle’s glove box. We recommend keeping two cans stored so that nothing will take you or your loved ones by surprise this winter. Once you try Tyre-Grip for the first time and see how well it works, you’ll never want to be without it in your vehicle again. Tyre-Grip provides affordable peace of mind in a can.

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